Working Together With Your Marriage Celebrant


The first thing that needs to happen once you have chosen a celebrant is for the Notice of Intended Marriage Form to be completed.  This is a legal form that your celebrant will have, or you can download the form from the Attorney Generals Deparment.


This form must be given to your celebrant no later than one month and one day before the date of your wedding ceremony and no earlier than 18 months.  It is very important that all the details on this form are correct. Your celebrant can assist you to complete this form. 


You will need to bring along the following documents to your first meeting with your celebrant:

  • A copy of your birth certificate or extract (If you do not have this you will need to apply for one from the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages from the State in which you were born)
  • An overseas passport if you were born overseas and unable to obtain a birth certificate from the country of your birth. (Please note that an Australian passport, if you were born in Australia, can not be accepted as evidence of your birth.  As stated above you will need to obatain a birth certificate or extract from the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages).


  • A Certificate of Divorce if you have been married before, or a copy of the death certificate if your previous spouse died.


Once the legal documents are worked through, then the fun part can begin.  Creating your ceremony.  Every relationship is different.  We meet under different circumstances, share different life events together, create different memories and plans for our future.  We compliment each other in different ways, become annoyed by or grow accustomed to different details or habits and we express our love and affection in different ways.


Your wedding should celebrate the wonderful aspects of your relationship - the events and details that have helped make your relationship unique and enduring.


You may have been thinking about and planning your wedding for a long time and have very clear ideas about what you would like, or perhaps you may appreciate some assistance to make your ceremony as special as you would like it to be.


My approach is to work with you in a respectful and creative way, in order to meet your particular ideas and requirements.  We will have an initial face to face meeting to complete the paper work and for me to get to know you both, understanding the important aspects of your relationship and to talk about the ideas you have for your ceremony.  I will take your ideas away and develop a ceremony for you.  We will then have as many ongoing contacts as we need, to develop and refine your ceremony.


You can choose to have a wedding rehearsal so that everyone can be clear on the process for the day, which can help settle nerves and help things flow nicely on the day.  We have another piece of paper work to sign and the remainder of the fee is payable around this time.


On your wedding day I will arrive in plenty of time.  I aim for around 45 minutes prior to your wedding ceremony start time and never book multiple appointments close together, so that I can remain focused and committed to your special day.