A Renewal of Vows Ceremony


Sometimes couples choose to re-affirm their vows to one another, that they made many years ago on their wedding day.  Relationships grow and change throughout time, couples experience wonderful moments in life together and also may face challenges and difficulties along the way.


Gathering friends and family together to share in a Renewal of Vows Ceremony can be a very special way to celebrate all that you have gone through and achieved together in life as a couple.  Sometimes couples choose to involve their children or grandchildren in the ceremony, as a way of reflecting on the wonderful things that have come from their relationship.


The choice of ceremony is entirely up to you.  You may want to include elements that you had for your wedding day, including the vows.  Alternatively you may like to have a totally different type of ceremony. 


There are lots of ways you can make your ceremony your own.  I have a resource folder of poems, readings, and rituals that you may want to look through for ideas.  You can be as creative as you like.


We can have an initial meeting to discuss your ideas and then I can take these away and write a ceremony that incorporates all the aspects that you want in your ceremony.  We can have ongoing contact to get the ceremony just right. 


You may want to have a rehearsal to go over the ceremony process and ensure that everyone knows what to do on the day.


It is a great thing to be able to change and evolve as a couple over the years with all that can make relationships hard to sustain. Why not celebrate your achievement and ongoing commitment to one another with a beautiful renewal of vows ceremony.