Wedding Service Provided and My Fees


       Preparation and completion of legal documents, including submitting 

              them to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages

       An initial interview to discuss your needs and ideas for your wedding


       Subsequent contacts to plan and refine details of your ceremony

       Development and scripting of a ceremony, reflecting your unique needs

        and wishes

       A wedding rehearsal, where possible.

       The provision of a PA system to ensure the marriage ceremony is audible.

       Legally solemnizing your marriage in accordance with the law

       Access to ceremony resources, such as poems, vows, ceremony scripts

       A decorative marriage certificate

       A written, personalized copy of your wedding ceremony

       Privacy and confidentiality is assured


                                                                                    TOTAL FEE = $440.00

                         Cash or direct deposit is the preferred method of payment.

                          Direct payment details are provided on request.


                          Please note that travel to venues further than 60 km round trip

                           from Forth may be subject to a small additional travel cost.



                         Refund Policy:  A $110 non refundable deposit is payable at the first interview to secure 

                          your booking and to facilitate the completion of the Notice of Intended

                         Marriage form. The remainder of the fee is payable 14 days before

                         the wedding day.






       Fees for Renewal of Vows Ceremony     $300.00




       Fees for Commitment Ceremonies          $350.00




       Fees for Naming Ceremonies                 $200.00



      A $100 non-refundable deposit is payable at the first meeting

      to secure your booking and to allow us to get under way

      in designing your ceremony. The remainder of the fee is payable

      14 days before the ceremony. Also note the travel fees apply as

      stated above for the wedding ceremonies. Travel to venues further

      than 60 km round trip from Forth, may be subject to a small

      additional travel cost.