Designing Your Marriage Ceremony

Your Marriage Ceremony can take place at any time, on any day and any place of your choosing. Sometimes couples choose a venue that has a special meaning or a special memory for them. Sometimes couples choose outdoor venues such as beaches, parks and gardens to have their ceremony. Your ceremony can be as individual and as creative as you like. You can have a very simple, short ceremony or a longer, more elaborate one.


In order to make your ceremony your own, you can choose to include a range of special readings, poems and music that you like. You can involve friends and family members in certain parts of the ceremony. Some couples like to use symbols or rituals that have a particular meaning or significance to them and their situation, such as incorporating a candle lighting ceremony, or a sand ceremony. The choice is endless.


A good way to begin thinking about your wedding day is to have a scrap book or a folder in which you collect different ideas, pictures, magazines clippings, poems etc that you like.


The internet is a wonderful source of inspiration and information. I also have a resource folder for you to loan, that includes a selection of different poems, readings, vows, ceremony options and ideas for music.