Unfortunately at this point in time the law does not provide people with equal opportunities to marry in Australia. 


However, if you are in a same sex relationship you may want to declare your love for and commitment to one another, surrounded by the people that are important to you. You may choose to have a Commitment Ceremony which can be a beautiful reflection of your relationship and your shared hopes for your future together.


It can be a simple, intimate ceremony or again a full, elaborate ceremony that brings together many elements and rituals that helps to celebrate your unique connection.


I have a resource folder for you to loan that is full of wonderful ideas, poems and readings that you may want to incorporate into your ceremony.  You may have a very clear vision, for what you want your ceremony to be, or maybe you would appreciate some support in this process.


We would have an initial meeting to discuss your ideas and for me to get to know a little about your story and what elements you would like included in  your ceremony.  We would than have subsequent contacts as we develop and refine the details of your ceremony. 


You may like to have a rehearsal to run through the process for the day. 


On the day of your ceremony I would arrive around 45 minutes prior to the ceremony start time and I do not book multiple appointments close to one another so I can remain focused on your special day.


You may choose to sign a Commitment Certificate or consider registering your relationship via "A Deed of Relationship", under the Tasmanian Relationships Act.  You can find out more information at the Relationshipstasmania.org.au.


Celebrations in life are important.  They help us to share and acknowledge the important moments in our life. A Commitment Ceremony, can be a very beautiful and meaningful event for you both and for friends and family who are dear to you.